Overdoing It

If I’m being honest, I have to admit that I have a tendency to overdo it. I love overdoing it. Why have less when you can have more? (except gut GVH. I will happily give all of my extra GVH back).

Lately, I have been feeling great. Really great. I have to repeatedly constrain myself because my serious tendency to overdo it is back. I am overjoyed. This week I started a research position (2 days/week) at the Stanford Med School in pediatric oncology. The specific project is working on immunotherapy in Ewing Sarcoma, which is a pediatric bone cancer. I am loving the team – the professor leading the lab is amazing and everyone else has been incredibly nice and engaging. Best of all, they are familiar with bone marrow transplants so they don’t think I’m being absurd with the excessive mask wearing/hand washing/medical appointments.

In other news – I am low key writing this book/essay series and having a great time doing it. I have had some people reach out with advice re publishing but it is pretty overwhelming so right now I am mostly just focusing on getting words on the page. It is really fun, how did I not discover writing earlier in my life. I am also working on starting a Be the Match club on campus with a few other Stanford students! Look out for us next fall (I still won’t be back at school but I have power from behind my computer screen heh).

This is the first week since I was diagnosed that I was able to get out of the house every day. My fitbit is thrilled with me. Now I just have to remember that I have limits and that I still don’t have an immune system. Oh yeah, last week I was in the hospital Monday – Friday for an unknown infection that caused me to become septic. Huge bummer mainly because hospital food makes me want to throw up and rip out the tiny bit of hair I have simultaneously. I narrowly avoided a trip to the ICU, which I hate because there are no windows and it looks like a dungeon (seriously, how can that be healing?). But anyway, all is now well and I managed to get my new central line while I was there and it hasn’t tried to kill me yet. I feel so alive.



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