Total hip replacement

The fun continues. I spent most of summer stuck in my apartment. My leg was broken - cracked femur and AVN in my hip - and it really hurt. I couldn't walk or move much, and I was in pain both at rest and while walking. I couldn't sleep, couldn't get around the house, couldn't... Continue Reading →

I graduated and broke my leg

Fun fact: today is the 4th anniversary of my remission from AML. I wish I had written this update around graduation, because it really was beautiful. A week later, my leg broke and since then things have been pretty hard. Fortunately, I wrote an article about graduating for St. Baldrick's, so I'll let that stand... Continue Reading →

Crying at Yoga

The closer I am to death, the easier it is to write. It's not really about me after all - it's about what is happening to me. My skin turning to stone, my nerve endings screaming, my mouth and hands and feet rubbing raw, my kidneys failing, my lung function declining, my eyes burning...none of... Continue Reading →

“I guess you have to take it elsewhere.” and other experiences as a disabled student at Stanford (plus lots of tips!!)

You might be shocked to know (I was) that professors receive zero training in disability accommodations. Zero. I have been working on this, and after many meetings faculty chairs will have their first ever disability training (15 mins) in January during their 3 hour mandatory training. This is only the beginning - Stanford has so... Continue Reading →

Confused? Same.

Hi everyone! People keep asking me questions like "where are you even living?" and "are you ever graduating?" and "what is even happening" and to be honest I haven't been answering them because I have had the same questions. But now that the dust has settled I can say that I did end up going... Continue Reading →

Plastic Straws and Parking Spaces

This is probably my longest absence from the blog while conscious. I was going to write "while not in a life threatening situation" but that wouldn't be true. The truth is that my mental health has deteriorated an amount that I have never experienced before. Remember when I bought a new car a few months... Continue Reading →

“Best Case Scenario”

Remember in January when I said that a best case scenario was slow, painful improvement? Well, here I am in the best case scenario. Why does a best case scenario look like this? That is a great question. Probably because we don't even understand the cellular mechanisms behind GVHD, and also because having a systemic... Continue Reading →

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