Nice Boring Blog Post

You are probably tired of hearing about me having cancer (I know I am) but I feel a little obligated the update the blog since last time I left it alone for a month I was half-dead intubated in the ICU.

So…let’s see. I am still doing photopheresis two days a week but we just switched to every other week which is nice since it takes up the whole day and I am super tired afterward. I am weaning off of the steroids that I was put on in December to deal with the GVH. The taper is really slow and I was on a pretty high dose so I will probably be off of them around the end of June. I HATE the steroids, they make me irritated and anxious and they also make my face super puffy. I haven’t looked at myself in the mirror in about two months now.

I had a quick two day hospital admission a couple weeks ago for a fever, but luckily all the cultures came back negative and I was free to go after my 48-hour fever hold/time-out. It was weird being back in the hospital. That last hospital admission broke me in a way none of the treatments before got to me and going back was hard.

Like I said before, my doctors expect my immune system to rebound around the end of 2016, so look forward to my bad self at as many senior events as possible while I laughably finish the humbio core as you all graduate. I’m not sure how much I will update the blog anymore, hopefully nothing medically interesting will happen to me but maybe I will become more interesting in my general life so who knows?

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  1. Keep writing Brooke! If not for your blog at least for yourself privately. But either way, I’m still reading 🙂


  2. I LOVE reading this boring post! It’s a long, tough road, but you are clearly on the way to your former, healthy self!


      1. Don’t thank me. It gives me such pleasure to read your posts & see the strength you exude throughout this miserable, f’ing ordeal. I am so looking forward to the day you feel like you have turned the corner. At that point I am booking my flight to San Francisco & you & I are going out for a fabulous survivors’ celebration! I’ll clear my calendar as soon as you give me the word.
        I love your crazy grandmother. She was a flower girl in my mom’s wedding. I babysat for your dad a hundred years ago. I hate that AML is the thing that introduced us, but although we got dealt a shitty hand, we have some hearty stock in our bloodline & I’m looking forward to meeting you and watching you grow from this.
        Hang in there & keep doing what your docs tell you to do. You’re getting the best treatment in the country & tho I know it’s hard to believe some times, you WILL get beyond this.
        Keep me posted. You are in my thoughts always. I stopped praying after my diagnosis. So I won’t tell you you’re in my prayers. But you are most definitely in my thoughts & I am sending positive vibes north & west from Dallas. ❤️


  3. Hi Brooke,
    I am also 20 years old, but have Stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma (extremely rare bone cancer). I also blog, and actually found your blog through Truth365! Thanks for sharing your story- I know for myself, keeping up with posting can be tedious! I was in Nursing school when I was diagnosed last spring (also 19, also a sophomore) and totally get the loss part of this journey! If you want, I’m on FB or you can look up my blog,! (The title is due to the fact that I have multiple diseases lol). I just actually finished my Stem Cell Transplant and had a lovely run in with VOD. I think we have a bit in common. Anyways! Thanks for your posts! I enjoyed reading them!
    A fellow cancer fighter,


  4. Hi Brooke, My name is Naomi. In 2010 I was diagnosed with AML. I have no idea what subtype. I wanted to let that I for several years after my bone marrow transplant, even now still I feel some of the things you describe. You have every right to be pissed. I’m on ‘the other side’ of treatment now. I always thought, after chemo, after the transplant all that crap would be behind me. But it doesn’t just go back to normal I learned. Anyway, I’m a 20-year-old college student. And I just wanted to say Hi.


  5. Hi my name is Lucas. I am 36 years old and I am a cancer survivor. I was 25 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I under went chemo and radiation for a year. It SUCKED!!!! I lost all my hair, 70 lbs and my career as a law enforcement officer.. It took me another year to recover from the treatment by doing physical therapy and having a great family that supported me.
    Believe me you can do this. There’s no way people can understand or feel what you feel. So I admire your blogging your situation.
    Keep your head up and don’t give in. You can beat this thing.. Cancer is not stronger than human will..


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