Day +23: still here

I am still in the hospital and not much has happened. Like expected, I got really bad sores in my mouth/throat and suffered a lot. Now, I have graft vs. host disease in the form of horrible nausea and problems with random parts of my body such as my eyes, teeth, and skin.

Something that I did not expect to experience is this crazy level of body dysphoria where my body is changing a lot and does not feel like my own. It’s a bit like being 14 except worse.

I know that I’ve been pretty MIA so if you are wondering how I am I am pretty bad. That said, everything is going according to plan which is everything I could really ask for. I am grateful.

This has been by far my hardest admission. Even though I’m not sicker, I feel much more displaced and anxious. I have been really bad about getting back to people (tbh I mainly sleep and play kim kardashian hollywood) but I do genuinely appreciate the support.

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  1. Brooke, the GVH is a bitch, but this too, passes – none too soon, but it does. Hang in there sweetie. I’m looking forward to getting out there & celebrating your recovery with you.
    Don’t feel like you have to get back to people – trust me, they understand. Just keep hanging in & doing what your doctors tell you. Sending positive, healing thoughts from Texas. 👊


  2. hi Brooke! I am a friend of your Aunt Kristen and I have been reading your blog and praying for you. It is so good to see your voice here once again. I am very glad to know that the Kardashians are good for something! Please don’t feel any responsibility to anyone but yourself. Whatever it takes for you to get better is all you need to do.


  3. Sorry you’ve been so sick and I can’t imagine how horrible the GVH is, but I guess Jack’s marrow is working. Stay strong and don’t worry about updates or getting back to people. We’re out here supporting you no matter what.


  4. Brooke you are an inspiration to us all. Lots of of love around you will see you through this . Keep on truckin!
    Dick and Janice Peltier


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