1 month anniversary <3 <3

I have been in the hospital for a month now (s/o to June 18) and it looks like I might be able to be discharged for four days before my next cycle of chemo. Sometime next week if my immune system cooperates.

The past week was neither cute nor fun, so I’ll spare you the details, but I wanted to make a nice highlight reel to share with you all

  • my central line broke (externally thank god) at 3 AM
  • to fix the central line they needed a peripheral IV which took 5 tries
  • I threw up all over the CT scanner
  • CT scanner showed I have typhlitis in my stomach and intestines which is basically just 10/10 pain I do not recommend
  • I got my very own morphine pump which I used copiously
  • a little pneumonia
  • most importantly, I was not allowed to eat all week due to the typhlitis.

Anyway, today I feel much better other than the hunger and PTSD from the 5 IVs. The big news of the day is that I am now allowed to eat clear liquids, so jello is my new best friend. So far this week I have had vivid food dreams about ice cream cake (chocolate with mint chip), a sandwich on real sourdough bread with honey ham, those squishy caramels, and real hot dogs like from baseball stadiums. Sorry if I just made you hungry. I am, too.

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  1. Thanks for taking time to update everyone. Sorry to hear you had such a rough week. Everyone has different reactions to chemo drugs, it amazes me that the docs/nurses never seem to know what is going to happen when they give you the drugs. They just manage the side effects.

    Hopefully by now you are able to eat some of the food you described in the blog. Have you done any reading on nutrition and cancer? I know you probably already eat very healthy, but I was surprised at the links between cancer growth and what we eat.

    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way. Be strong and keep your sense of humor!

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