Bone Marrow Match and Registry!


My baby brother Jack (baby as in 16 years old, 6 feet tall, rows boats really fast, and eats 3700 calories a day) HAS THE SAME BONE MARROW AS ME.

My doctor came in and congratulated me and I literally almost got angry because what could he be congratulating me for? Being the 1 in 250,000 who gets AML? Or the 0.5% of AML patients who are Philadelphia positive? Nope – it was for having a baby brother who is a full match (!!!) for my bone marrow. Praise modern medicine and my brother.

A lot of you have asked if there is anything you can do for me, and so far I am really lucky to have pretty much everything I need. Getting blood cancer is pretty crazy because one second I was about to be at #stanfordinmexico and the next I am devising pitches to get you all to give up your bone marrow, but here goes: if I could ask one thing it would be for you to register to donate bone marrow. Bone marrow matches are 1 in a million for unrelated donors, and there is a huge shortage of non-white donors in the registry. Bone marrow transplants save lives and without a donor I would have no chance. If it weren’t for the fact that no one will want my bone marrow/blood products ever again after all of these shenanigans, I would totally register.

Donating bone marrow is not like donating blood – it is a surgical procedure under anesthesia and can sometimes include being admitted for one night after donation. Afterward, the donor will feel sore for around a week. That said, it seriously saves lives! If you want to register, go to and register either through looking for drives near your zip code (I didn’t see one near Stanford right now) or online (if you register online they will send a kit for you to swab and return). Registering to donate is just a cheek swab and really simple (with a follow up blood draw if you are chosen).

Please register! It will make me really happy! Bye!

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