Pulling it Together

I took the stupid prednisone. I stared at it for like three days before I did it, but the alternative was “die of GVHD” so I figured it was worth it. I have been ridiculously socially unacceptable the past few weeks between the skin flaking off my body, the gut GVHD making me eat like a weird four year old, and my eyes requiring heavy sunglasses and eye drops every five minutes. What can ya do. We played games of “visually impaired or too chic for you???” lmk what you think:

The prednisone is working. I sort of resent that it’s working, but it’s much better than the alternative. Hopefully we can start tapering at my clinic visit Thursday. The eye meds areย also working and I am mostly functional, except when in the presence of bright lights. I have learned to learn by *listening intently* since taking notes is not really doing it for me. Shout out to me for learning anatomy, genomics, and bioethics while a little blind! Why does my body hate me!?! Somehow, this is all happening and I have been able to stay in school and do my homework. I can see better as the days pass, and I’m hopeful that this will continue so that my midterms will be legible.

In other news, I went to senior formal! I am not a senior but who cares! People keep asking me when I will graduate so here’s a PSA: I have no idea. Whenever I finish! I took four quarters off, but I also withdrew from 15 units while dying of cancer, so it really just depends on how heavy of a course load I can take throughout the next academic year and whether any of my other organ systems decide to spontaneously stop working.

Pic from senior formal:

7 more weeks of the year! Wish me luck that I will be somewhat healthy, pass all my classes, and make it to New York for the summer in one piece.

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  1. I began following your blog after reading your piece in the Stanford Magazine. So glad to have this update. Pulling for you!


  2. You have come a long way and kept persevering with school. Good on you. Always praying ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ


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