Pulling it Together

I took the stupid prednisone. I stared at it for like three days before I did it, but the alternative was "die of GVHD" so I figured it was worth it. I have been ridiculously socially unacceptable the past few weeks between the skin flaking off my body, the gut GVHD making me eat like … Continue reading Pulling it Together


Highs and Lows (Mostly Lows)

1 1/2 years post-transplant. 1.5 years of surviving - of learning that the hard part is living, not dying. I capped off 18 months post-transplant in New York City, my first plane travel since the horrific plane ride back from South Africa. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSURsgPFGz6/?taken-by=brookevitti I came back to spring quarter ready to take on too much … Continue reading Highs and Lows (Mostly Lows)