Reasons to love the hospital and never get your ovary out 

After 37 days in the hospital, I was discharged on Saturday. So far my main feelings are complaints that there is no morphine at home and that it is a bit harder to ignore having leukemia when you compare yourself to the outside world. Leukemia is different from other cancers because since it is in the... Continue Reading →


1 month anniversary <3 <3

I have been in the hospital for a month now (s/o to June 18) and it looks like I might be able to be discharged for four days before my next cycle of chemo. Sometime next week if my immune system cooperates. The past week was neither cute nor fun, so I'll spare you the... Continue Reading →

Bone Marrow Match and Registry!

Hey My baby brother Jack (baby as in 16 years old, 6 feet tall, rows boats really fast, and eats 3700 calories a day) HAS THE SAME BONE MARROW AS ME. My doctor came in and congratulated me and I literally almost got angry because what could he be congratulating me for? Being the 1... Continue Reading →

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